About the Holiday Card Challenge creator,
Laura Landerman-Garber:


Dr. Laura Landerman-Garber is first and foremost

a daughter, wife, mother and grandmother
fiercely devoted to supporting and loving her extended family.

Laura's philosophy of life has long been guided by
two of her favorite quotes:

Anne Frank
  Anne Frank (The Diary of Anne Frank) 

Harper Lee
Harper Lee (To Kill a Mockingbird)
These messages, along with others by the same two authors
provide much of the energy behind Laura's
unstoppable optimism, drive, and determination.

Laura's career as a clinical psychologist
has also provided a backdrop to her commitment to
helping others and raising awareness of the importance of
kindness, compassion, and not just tolerance but acceptance of others.
Community service was a central part of her childhood
and she hopes that she has -in creating the Military Holiday Card Challenge-
carried that message of giving to the next generation.

Laura genuinely enjoys the opportunity to assist
anyone who wants to create a local Military Holiday Card Challenge
or frankly, who just wants to sign one single card.
Her belief that “Every Card Counts” rules the day.
She is as grateful for one card signed with genuine caring
as she is for 1,000 signed cards.

Laura is open to your ideas and suggestions
about how to best achieve the
Military Holiday Card Challenge goals!

The veterans and service families that Laura has met
through the Card Challenge have changed her life.
Stories of dedication, loyalty and sacrifice have been inspiring, sometimes prompting laughter and sometimes prompting tears.
It is the very thought of our deployed troops receiving
a hand written message of holiday cheer and support
that drives Laura to continue the Card Challenge each year.

In 2017, Laura met a Vietnam Veteran who still carries with him
a card that he received from a child when he was in Vietnam 50 years ago.
He said that that single message
brought him comfort and hope
as well as the knowledge that
there was someone back home in the States
who was thinking of him during his darkest hours.

If that one card after all these years continues
to have such a profound impact on that soldier,
then the least that Laura can do is to
carry on her mission and invite all to join in.

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