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the Holiday Card for our Military Challenge!

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Promoting the Challenge,
purchasing, boxing and shipping holiday greetings
by the ton around the globe
costs money.

Monetary donations in support of these and related costs
will be gratefully received. 

Holiday Cards 4 Our Military-NH Challenge
is a 503-C Nonprofit Organization,
which allows for tax-exempt donations to be made. 
IRS EIN #83-0721982.

Receipts will be provided upon request.

Currently, donations can be made
by check payable to
Holiday Cards 4 Our Military –NH Challenge
and mailed to:

                              to address

Donations of unsigned cards
has been tremendously helpful,
often coming from families unused/leftover cards from previous holidays.
Cards can be mailed in bulk to the address above
and will be distributed to groups who are seeking assistance.

Upcoming options to donate directly
through this website are being developed

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Holidays Cards for our Military Challenge
is a 501C3 non-profit corporation registered in New Hampshire, USA
Contact Laura Landerman-Garber (President) for further information via FaceBook at Holiday Card Challenger or Instagram at #holidaycards4ourmilitary
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