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Holiday Card Challenges gives
                                    back to you!

Guidelines and support for
students and school personnel

Thank you for your interest in the Holiday Card Challenge for our Military!
Your contribution makes a real difference to the morale and spirits of our warriors abroad.

Students from preschool through college create the most heartfelt messages for our warriors. In 2018, New Hampshire students and teachers provided 30,000 holiday cards!

In 2019, the New Hampshire Commissioner of Education challenged all New Hampshire schools to participate and -more recently- invited every school across the United states to participate in this program. To date, more than thirty states have delivered
holiday cards for our military!

Join the Holiday Cards for our Military Challenge! Here's how:

1. E-mail parents asking for donations of never-used holiday cards and blank greeting cards.

2. Establish a collection box in the school lobby or front office. Include a contribution deadline and remind parents (via e-mail) when just weeks remain.

3. Purchase holiday cards very inexpensively at the local Dollar Store.

4. Make creating holiday cards from scratch an art project.

5. Enlist a student service group to orchestrate the card challenge in your school

6. Dedicate specific homeroom/advisory times to discuss the purpose of the Card Challenge, the importance of our military, and the sacrifices of our warriors. Use the time to write cards.

7. Post these guidelines and writing prompts (at right) on a board, in the halls or send home in fliers.

8. Enlist a student group/teachers to review completed cards for appropriateness.

9. Make public how many cards each class/your school collected. Challenge yourselves to collect even more next year!

10. Some schools create healthy competitions between classes or districts have schools compete to collect more cards. Enlist local merchants (e.g., pizza restaurants) to sponsor teams.

11. Box completed cards and deliver to the local drop station or ship to Laura in New Hampshire for delivery overseas.



(Use your mouse to highlight these prompts,
right click and then COPY from this webpage
and PASTE to your classroom handout
to help your students
or  paste into an email to be sent home
to encourage family participation.)

  • My favorite holiday tradition is…
  • I love the holidays because…
  • In my family, we always …. during the holidays
  • This year, I wish for a…
  • My favorite part of the holidays is…
  • In New Hampshire, we celebrate by…
  • I know someone in the Military…
  • My holiday wish for you is…
  • My favorite sport is…
  • I have a pet named…
  • When I grow up, I want to…
  • In my free time, I…
  • I appreciate what you do because…
  • I celebrate… and we like to…

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Holidays Cards for our Military Challenge
is a 501C3 non-profit corporation registered in New Hampshire, USA
Contact Laura Landerman-Garber (President) for further information via FaceBook at Holiday Card Challenger or Instagram at #holidaycards4ourmilitary
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